About us

About Caucascert ltd.

CAUCASCERT Ltd was founded in Georgia in 2005. It is the first local organic certification company in the country. Its main purpose is to inspect and certify organic products. By its activities, CAUCASCERT facilitates development of organic agriculture, protection of the rights of organic products’ consumers’ and growth of organic market in Georgia. Besides it facilitates exportation of Georgian organic products to European Union and Switzerland.

CAUCASCERT Ltd has been accredited according to ISO-17065 by the German accreditation body DAkkS. It has been included in the list of third-country equivalent organic certification agencies (please, refer to EC regulation 1330/2016).

The main principles of CAUCASCERT in its work are impartiality, transparency and sustainability. We strive for long-term cooperation.

CAUCASCERT participates in development of national and private standards, training of qualified organic inspectors and contributes in increasing public awareness of importance of organic agriculture.