December 15, 2022

Caucascert has become an accredited certifying agent of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is authorized to issue certificates for the production of agricultural crops, collection of wild plants and food processing.

November 21, 2017

CAUCASCERT Ltd has passed successfully re-accreditation with German National Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to ISO-17065 and its authorization to issue organic certificates has been extended till December 12, 2022.

June 27, 2015

According to the Commission Implementing Regulation 931/2015, which was published on June 27, 2015, Caucascert Ltd is  allowed to issue import certificates for the following four product categories: A - Unprocessed plant products, B - Live animals or unprocessed animal products, D - Processed agricultural products for use as food and F - Vegetative propagating material and seeds for cultivation.

May 27-29, 2015

CAUCASCERT underwent external audit by DAkkS to upgrade its accreditation from ISO 65 to ISO 17065 as required by EU regulations.

December 24, 2014

DAkkS informed Caucascert on successful closing of the reaccreditation and issuing a new accreditation certificate, which is valid until Dec 18, 2017. The certificate is attached.

October 24, 2014

Based on the audit results, DAkkS recognized that Caucascert Ltd is competent to carry out certification of products in the following fields: 1) Unprocessed plant products (including wild collections); 2) Live animals and unprocessed livestock products; 3) Processed agricultural products for the use as food and 4) Seed and propagation material.

December 1, 2012

By the decision of European Commission, Caucascert Ltd is included in the List of Control Bodies and Control Authorities for the Purpose of Equivalence and Relevant Specifications by the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 508/2012.