Green Caucasus

Green Caucasus is a common certification and quality system, which is jointly developed and operated by two independent private Armenian company “ECOGLOBE” LLC and Georgian “CAUCASCERT Ltd”. Green Caucasus Organic Standard is an integral part of Green Caucasus.

“ECOGLOBE” LLC and “CAUCASCERT Ltd” established the common certification and quality system to apply jointly for accreditation. They agreed to collaborate and use the common:

  • Name "Green Caucasus" as their trade mark;
  • Logo;
  • Quality System;
  • Organic Standard.

Both companies have registered trade mark “Green Caucasus” with respective patent protection local authorities and are using it for identification of their systems of certification, quality and standard.

Green Caucasus has been accredited by German  Accreditation Body – DAkkS (formerly DAP) since January 2008.

Certificates issued by ECOGLOBE and CAUCASCERT are recognized by competent authorities of the European market of organic production. Products certified by ECOGLOBE and CAUCASCERT may be sold on market as labeled “organic”, “ecological” and “bio”.

Owners of the Green Caucasus system and the Green Caucasus Organic Standard, Ecoglobe and CAUCASCERT are separate legal entities. The former is registered in Armenia, while the latter is registered in Georgia. They are independent in their decisions while serving their operators and acting on organic products markets. Certificates issued by the companies under “Green Caucasus” trade mark have independent juridical force